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What to expect from your Kinesiology session?


First Session:


In the first part of your session you complete an intake form (your full health history) then we will have a chat about your health, worries, pains, stresses.  Where they are at now and how you would like things to be.   This approach allows me to get a better understanding of what is happening and help you to come up with goals for your session.


The second part of the session takes place on the treatment table.   You remain fully clothed. Please wear comfortable clothing (not jeans or skirts) as I will be testing arm and leg muscles in the session and it will be more comfortable for you.



 How many sessions will I need?


I recommend 3-5 sessions if it is your first time using Kinesiology.  Some people feel changes much sooner (so listen to your body) but if you have been suppressing stresses for many years it may take a couple of sessions to really clear your baggage.  You will leave your session feeling much lighter and more relaxed than you have for ages.


Kinesiology for children


When I work with children, I structure their session differently.  Depending on the child I may work on the floor with them (some children prefer not to be on the treatment table), I may work on them whilst they play with the box of toys, I can use you the parent/carer as a surrogate and test your muscles whilst you hold the child.  This works exactly the same way but is easier for the child especially if they are very young or stressed.

With children I use exercises and brain integration - I make it fun and interactive for your child as they will get the best results that way.


I am very passionate about working with children especially with learning difficulties - I have worked with many children with learning difficulties with great results and improvements.


My desire is to see children at play, in school and in life feeling comfortable and happy in their own way and be able to shine in their own way.


Kinesiology for Adults


Once you have filled out your intake form and we have a chat about what you would like to work with, you lie on the treatment table (fully clothed) and we test some muscles and ask your body where the stress is being held regarding the issue you want to work with in that session.


I not only test your muscles but also look at your age when issues happened in your life, what emotion is related to that, if there is a specific person related to the issue, we talk about how this is affecting your life now, in the past and if this issue wasn't there how your life would be in the future.



ONLINE HEALING - from the comfort of your own home


Kinesiology by Skype works exactly the same way as an in person session.  You can clear the same issues/worries/stresses/pains.


If you are ready to let go of what is holding you back, book a session today - your body will thank you!