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Or so they say. This weekend, Dazed flew out to Lagos, Nigeria for the third annual MTV Africa Music.


Awards and spent a few days and some late nights meeting rap, R&B and kuduro superstars from across Africa: names like Banky W, Fally Ipupa, Daddy Owen, Cabo Snoop and Radio & Weasel, from Angola to Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and beyond, all huge stars in their own countries, selling truckloads of records despite rampant piracy and a rickety music industry. These guys are kind of the Jay Zs and Snoops of Africa, basically.

    So what the heck is Kinesiology?                    It's pronounced Kin - easy - ology


Kinesiology looks at how your mind and body interact and if they are working well together.  By using muscle monitoring we can tap into the subconscious part of the body - which remembers everything that has ever happened to you - and we can look at your symptoms, your emotional state, nutrition, thoughts and beliefs in relation to any issues/worries you may have in your life.


I start by talking to you about what is happening in your life and how you would like things to improve.  This can be anything from aches & pains, digestive issues, emotional stress, food intolerances, headaches & migraines, relationship issues to learning difficulties.


I look at emotions currently affecting you, any attitudes or limiting beliefs holding you back and any ages throughout your life that things that have happened to you that you have been holding onto.  I get you to set a positive goal to work towards and sometimes there will be some home support to help you keep improving between sessions.


I use different techniques during your Kinesiology session ranging from muscle monitoring, counselling, acupressure, Kinergetics, Neural Organizational Technique, Brain Integration, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Sound, Chakras, Crystals and affirmations.


Kinesiology can help you to bring your life back into balance and can help both kids and adults alike.

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